We collect and interpret facts, identifying your problems in order to create scaleable solutions which address your business objectives.


"Fast, good and cheap - pick any two!" Our iterative, "develop and deploy" framework is best suited for versatile environments where objectives continously change.


We provide performance and automated testing - two key pillars of the quality assurance process for enterprise software.


We scan for weaknesses and vulnerabilities in order to assess the security posture of a target system(s).

Made in Africa!

Muntumi Technology is a software development company founded in 2011 and operates in South Africa, building custom solutions for this unique market.

Our resolute strategy to invest in young talented developers has produced an innovative, passionate and dedicated team which demonstrates accountability and forward thinking when delivering solutions to our client base.


Our Process

Our solution delivery comprises a simple 4 step approach which starts with business process analysis to help evaluate your business needs, this informs a solution design which aligns to organizational strategic goals. We engage stakeholders to vet and approve the design and begin the application build stage when consensus has been reached. Our build phase consists of short coding cycles and regularly scheduled demos which create the same interactive feel experienced in the design process. Once build is completed, user acceptance testing is carried out to ensure the final product has been delivered as per specification and can be deployed to a production/live environment. Muntumi’s support and maintenance can be done either off/onsite depending on client preferences.


Analysis & design

Interactive and indepth. Solution design for the modern, fast-changing corporate environment. We ensure that stakeholders are comfortable with critical design decisions, and scaleable solutions are created to cater for future strategic changes.



Our team is equipped with both front and backend development skills, ensuring that your system has an appealing aesthetic design, and a foundation built with the latest technology, using tried and tested software design principles.



The evolution of the software development stacks to consist of primarily APIs with multiple user interface platforms, has made performance & load testing paramount, as this ensures that backend systems can withstand high usage from several frontend clients.



Muntumi implements best practice in continuous integration, making use of the latest code repository and deployment automation tools. Continuous integration ensures that your code base is secure, and frequently checked for bugs during the development process, making production deployments fast and seamless.

Why choose us?

We understand that the smooth operation of your business depends on your IT systems. We are committed to ensuring that we facilitate and enhance day to day operations with quality service.


We pursue a collaborative strategy when designing and developing systems, forging a partnership that continues for the lifetime of the system developed.


We are as comfortable programming a rugged point of sale device for a small grocery store, as we are developing an enterprise system for a big corporate firm.


We provide innovative solutions, helping you stay ahead of your competition.